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What Hinduism is lacking –


Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Mother- the Creator, Preserver and Protector. Most selfless love for her children regardless of which species she belongs to. Symbol of countless sacrifices,care,empathy,tireless efforts to keep family in a single string. Salute to all mothers.


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23# Happy Ram Navmi

The man of ideals before 7000+ years, who raised the whole culture from forest dwellers to the rule following civilization, who set the standards for an ideal son, brother, husband, friend and king.His rule over India is considered the golden era of  Indian civilisation. He rose from man to a godhead personality due to just because of his karmas.He has a very special place in every Indian’s heart. It is hard to be like him but at least we can try and there will be surely Ram Rajya in the civilization. I bow to the “Man of
Ideals” – Bhagvan Shri Ram on his birthday.


22# Suicidal Society or Social Failure

Reading few young aspiring and talented girls and boys are committing suicide. Few bitter questions to be asked to our society:

1 Why is anyone had to commit suicide?

2 Is that only depression derived from our materialistic society?

3 Are we asking or supporting such people who are struggling in their lives?

4 How hard it would be for someone to kill oneself?

5 Are we just giving our numb emotions as an excuse to hide our failures as a society?

6 What competition are we doing? Where we want go with such speed which is leaving young and talented generation into stress hole.

Perhaps our selfish answers are,

A. Why we care ? I have everything why should I care about what is going in someone’s life?

B. It is his/her failure.

C. Not competitive enough.

D. Can’t handle the stress/pressure.

F. We have enough problems so we will spread negativity to others.

Try to answer the questions honest selfless answers for the problem. Please be sensitive and sensible. World has enough emotionless people.

19 # Festive Season Of Christmas in Australia

Being in southern hemisphere Australia has bright yellow generally hot Christmas season, which is mainly liked by most Australians because everyone can go to the beach almost everyday in their holidays season. Having surrounded by lovely and clean seacoast, Australia is considered the luckiest country. As a culture, Australia has added its own flavour to the Christmas in the summer like outdoor family meals , the cherry fruit for the Christmas, Santa with shorts only, cold beers etc. It will be great if the new generation will value the importance of family get-together and community festival spirit.

What I have observed in last 8 years is the excitement for the festival, compulsory buying gifts for the loved ones, having family meals especially Christmas eves or on Christmas day. Even those who don’t have immediate family call friends for the meals. The spirit you can feel in the air. I have seen few family friends’ houses having little Christmas tree surrounded by more than dozen gifts even though they don’t have any family in Australia. You can Santas everywhere starting from schools to malls toworkplaces or even on streets. In this excitement, some people may have been struggling and some organisations like Salvation Army and Smith’s Family providing the gifts to the disadvantaged families.


In some streets people sit outside of their beautifully decorated and lightened houses attracting kids and adults, distributing lollies and chocolates . People walking on the streets in the evening with family to see the decorated houses with Santa, Ice-man and other lovely characters saying “Hello” to them. Kids are having a best fun. How wonderful it is, you can imagine.


 Here in Australia, we have Santa comes in shorts surfing on the board. The community excitement and sensation for the festive season is unbelievable however young generation still need to be more responsible about drinking and following traffic rules.

Sunny Perth had 30 degree max temperature on the Christmas Day and I had a thought about this blog from Sorrento Beach near Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Wishing you all a very happy,sunny and safe Christmas and New Year !!!!

Ho !!! Ho!!! Ho!!!