Batuk Bhairav

The ancient text Shakti Sangam Tantra in its Kali Khand chapter has mentioned the origin of Lord Batuk Bhairav. According to the text, once a demon named Aapat had gained powers through Sadhanas and he used it to harass everyone including the gods.

The gods then got together and started to think of ways to find a solution to this problem. As they started concentrating, their powers appeared as a flash of light and took the form of a five year old child, Batuk. The child, then, killed the demon and saved the gods which is why he is known as Aapat Uddharak Batuk Bhairav.

In tantra and other Hindu puja, this is the most worshiped form of Lord Bhairav among the various forms of Bhairav. All other forms of Bhairav are terrifying apart from this as this is in the form of a child. He is also known as the child form of Lord Shiva. The image of Batuk Bhairav is displayed with a dog accompanying him, which is symbolized as dharma.

He is said to be pleased by the devotion of the worshippers and conducting puja and homam is said to take away all the obstacles and cleanse the soul. Also, the dogs, especially the black dogs are considered to be the form of Bhairav and feeding the dogs every Saturday and taking care of them is also said to please the god and bring good fortune.

Worship of any Devi is incomplete without the propitiation of Batuka: the bhairava in the form of a brahmacharin(celibate) youth Batuka are of primary importance without their grace, parashakti is not pleased with the sadhaka.

The origin of the murti named Batuka is described variously in the tantras. The shakta version is presented here. It is said, that at some point in the present kalpa, the universe was permeated with various beings such as, pretas, pishachas, , yakshas, rakshasas, kinnaras, gandharvas and grahas. While being devoted to a particular deity (such as ganapatya grahas to ganapati and his upasakas), they also created havoc and robbed sadhakas of the merit of their japa and worship. To protect the world and the well-being of upasakas, bhagavati adya mahakali conceived the divine form of Batuka:

The form and essence of Batuka bhairava was from, mahavidya-s and various manifestations of kali, tara, tripurasundari, bala, chinnamasta, bagalamukhi, bhuvaneshvari, dhumavati and matangi.

He was awarded a kapala by chinnamasta and granted the mastership of time and death by kalika. He was also given a trishula with its three prongs presided over by shaktitraya – kali, tara and chinnamasta.

It was then revealed by mahakali that it was shiva, based on her samkalpa, who had materialized as Batuka, Batuka gained control over Vetaladi grahas and by propitiating him during one’s upasana, the sadhaka is not bothered by any malevolent graha and is protected from every kind of distress and danger.

The jayantI tithi of Batuka bhairava is shuddha-dashamI of jyeShTha mAsa.